Our king and queen rooms were designed to host at least two people. We advise guests with extra people to make another reservation. That will make them and their guests comfortable. We don’t allow additional people in our rooms.

Parkway Inn doesn’t have standard rates for charging its guests. Our guests are billed daily, and that depends on how they spend within the lodge. However, you can contact us for an estimate based on what you need.

You’ll have an easy time either canceling or modifying your bookings. We have a clear cancellation policy, which our clients can follow. For any clarification, you can contact us.

To serve you efficiently, feel free to contact us before your arrival for early check-ins or extensions for late checkouts. When we have this information early, we will do everything possible to accommodate these changes. You can get in touch with us via email or our phone number as displayed on the website.

We have sufficient parking spaces for every guest. Not only do we offer free parking, but our guests’ automobiles will be well-protected too. For more info regarding parking, check the “general information” on our website.

We are ready to provide any support or assistance to the guests at any time. That is why our reception operates for 24 Hours. While staying with us, feel free to call at any time.

We always expect to host families. When you come with your kids, we will ensure they are all comfortable.

We have made bookings easier for our clients. They can book our rooms from various platforms. They can visit our reception center or contact us via our phone numbers on the website. The potential guests can also visit the webpage and click at the top right corner of the page; an icon indicated “book now.” The latter is faster compared to calling or sending an email.

Parkway inn is not a pet-friendly lodge. Guests are not allowed to stay with their pets in the rooms. However, we can accommodate the pets in another facility. We will take good care of them.